This season is all about freedom and nature.

We went through the grass on the riverbank, played among the pine trees and were campers for a day. How good it was to see children being children, together and free! "Welcome Back" symbolises our greatest hopes of returning to normal life, of being able to see family and friends again without fear. 

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Our Vision

Grace Baby&Child is portuguese brand for children from 0 to 12 years. Our aim is to create the finest childrenswear and homewear designed for our little ones' comfort and style. Our clothes are characterised by a romantic simplicity, functionality and an extraordinary attention to detail. 

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All of our garments are designed in Portugal and manufactured in small quantities by carefully selected partners located no more than 70 kilometres away. We have a tremendous respect for the well-known knowledge and textile tradition within the north of our country.


We exclusively use soft and delicate materials just as deserved by the little one's skin. Careful choices are made regarding fabrics, fillings and liners, intended to be warm and beautiful.


At Grace Baby&Child we carefully select our suppliers to ensure that they produce our items in the most ethical and sustainable way possible. Recycled and organic fibres are increasingly present in our collections.


We believe that fashion doesn't need to be seasonal and clothes must be made to last. There is no greater satisfaction than watching Grace's outfits passing from brother to brother, cousins and even friends!



Avenida Doutor Porfirio da Silva, 127     4715-044 Braga . Portugal

Mon - Fri, 9h30 - 13h30, 14h30 - 18h30
Saturday, 10h - 14h

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we went home but we are still here

These are difficult, uncertain times when we have to make decisions every hour. Our priority is our people's well-being, of our team, our customers and our families, so is our duty to be responsible and follow all recommendations to overcome the current situation.

Last Friday we decided to close our store in Braga and started working from home, gathered in family, trying to organize ourselves as best we can for you.

The online store is open, also following all recommended prevention measures. We will come to the office in turn, twice a week, to ensure that your orders arrive at your homes, as always and safely.

In the meantime, you can find us on the usual channels, now more attentive than ever, so that all your questions are answered as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to share doubts, fears or suggestions.

Finally, we want to thank you all for your trust and ask you to help us keep Grace alive and healthy too. We are a small and family owned company, we cannot let our arms down! We are sure that we will meet when all this is over. Until then, see you on social networks.

Take care,
Ana and Maria